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Speak Life!

Updated: May 8, 2020

Sometimes we paint negative images of our spouses, friends, coworkers, extended family or even our own children. We unknowingly keep the cycle of anger and frustration going. Most of us have learnt this unhealthy habit from childhood when we observe others around us uttering judgments and toxic misinformation. People may consider this to venting, but they fail to recognize that this behavior is considered gossip!

Venting is simply expressing your emotions about a situation usually needing someone else to validate how we are feeling. Gossiping is having conversation or reports about other people that is usually not factual. The dangerous thing about this is that it is a relationship killer and it can destroy someones reputation & trust!! It also creates negative environments and bad energy. Even though it may be difficult to think positively about others when you're in a place of hurt, we must learn that there ARE ways to deal with these moments of "venting". By Reframing how we describe a situation and using compassion, we can turn our situation around and model the desired behavior to teach other how to deal with conflicts with more integrity. So the next time you are tempted to spill the "T" about so & so, choose a different way and keep these things in mind! Speak life into your relationships and you will reap success!

~ Journal what you are feeling

~ Pray

~ Talk to your pet! ( if you have one)

~ Write a letter to that person then destroy it

~ Remind yourself that you don't need to continually air out these negative feelings , find someone who can provide healthy advise or direction

~ Ask empowering questions "What do I need to learn from this"

~ Avoid negative language : labeling, blaming, discrediting, overgeneralizing, etc.

~ Use "I" statements

~ Take time to reflect and listen to your intuition. You already have the direction you need inside of you !!

Speak Life!

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