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Maintaining Emotional Wellness


About Me

A genuine heart is the highest degree

More valuable than my combined 10 years of experience and education in the social service sector, is my gift to build authentic connections with those I serve. Our bodies, mind, & soul come together to a centered place to enable us to deal with the past or present in order to move forward. I am committed to helping others find clarity & balance, and provide them with the tools necessary towards healing and personal growth. Self- awareness and the ability to self assess is at the core of change and helps towards becoming your authentic self. Through a trauma -informed lens, I create environments that allow people to be themselves, feel calm, be honest, feel accepted, and be heard.



"Building a resilient community."

One by one


Individual Sessions

Talk therapy sessions create the opportunity for in depth learning and the space to process through difficult emotions. In session you will learn various strategies that will help you build resiliency and teach you how to regulate emotions, create meaning and purpose from past or present difficult situations and truly live in the essence of who you REALLY are! On top of my years in social services, I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and operate from a strengths based, trauma-informed solution-focused framework.Counselling focuses on addressing underlying issues of your presenting problem so that results are long lasting and create a deeper impact in your life!

Emotional Wellness Coaching Program

Lighter Life Therapy presents an Emotional Wellness program that focuses on the education, techniques and principles of Emotional intelligence.
Emotional Intelligence is defined as the understanding of one’s ability to manage one’s own feelings. This program is unique as it incorporates CBT, Trauma Informed and Mindfulness therapeutic approaches and practices Topics include but not limited to: Emotions & its function, Healthy Coping Skills, Mindfulness & Relaxation, Trauma & Stress Management, Self-Care & Safety Planning, & Unhelpful thinking styles.
Individual coaching will be more focused on personal goals and will be tailored to the individual according to his/her needs rather than learning collectively in a group setting, where there is limitations around goal setting.

Minimal Office

Community Workshops & Consulting

Community Workshops are a great way to keep communities engaged and educated on conversations that matter! Topics include ( not limited to ): Emotional Wellness & Self- Care, Healthy Relationships, Understanding & Healing from Trauma & Supporting Survivors, How to be Supportive, Self- Awareness & Mindfulness, and Healthy Sexuality.


"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners"

William Shakespeare